Facts You Need to Know about Marketing Materials like Leaflets and Flyers

How would you feel when someone hands you out a leaflet as you pass by them? This is common in malls and places where people usually pass by. Unfortunately, some of them get irritated and are not being appreciative when handed with these marketing materials. But, is this true for everyone?

Know the Statistics: Myth or Fact?

For the first case, do consumers truly don’t like to receive marketing materials? According to a survey report, 74% of people who receive marketing materials in their letterbox look at them; 42% of them keep the material for a few days; and 16% keep them for more days or weeks.

Want to hire the services of a leaflet distribution London provider to help spread the word about your business? But, you’ve heard that it is not truly effective? Be enlightened! A survey report showed that 48% of customers proceed to performing an action after receiving the material. These actions are either visiting the shop, sending for more information or purchasing a product.

Are you planning to go for door-drop marketing campaign to help with your business promotion? Yet, you want to first be sure if this method is truly effective. You also want to be certain if it offers a high guarantee for success? Or at least know what customers think about it? Know the facts! 78% of the people who participated in a survey stated that they find free samples as useful. 68% of those people find supermarket offers as useful.

For the last case, is it true that leaflet distribution is not as effective as press, television or direct mail? Find out the truth. The effectiveness of leaflets is 51%, television and direct marketing 49% and the press marketing 63%.

Flyer DistributionWhere are the Best Places or Events to Distribute Flyers?

Did you just recently hire a flyer distribution service in London? Now, you want to make sure that this method will bring you great results. What can be done? For the most part, you need to know about the most effective ways of distributing the promotional flyers you prepared.

  • Make Use of Your Physical Location – Leave enough flyers in your store if you have one. Why? You never know just how many of these people are entering your store. You don’t know who are those interested to know more about your offer. So, it is best to give them some materials that they can take home.
  • Strategic Mailouts – Have you ever find yourself in a situation where in a customer bought from your store and asked for a flyer to be delivered at their address once the latest comes out? Don’t let that opportunity pass you by!
  • At Events – Attending an event means meeting a lot of people you may encounter. Some of them will be interested in knowing more about your business. You can give as much information as soon as the next one comes. But, these people would want to know more. So, why not give them flyers?
  • Door to Door Distribution – Just like mails, flyers can also be distributed door to door. It is a great way to boost your local marketing efforts. Right now, there are already a lot of providers you can find in London that are offering this service. Take advantage of it now!

Are you interested to know more about door to door distribution of leaflets and flyers in London? You can contact DPDistribution for more information!

Learn the Ways on How you can Further Maximize Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign!

Leaflet distribution is one of the most effective traditional methods of getting the word out about your business. That’s why even with the advanced solutions now; companies are still relying on the traditional methods. For they know how vital it is to combine with these advanced ones.

If you wish to get the word out about your business effectively, you should not forget about Leaflet Distribution solutions in London. Let your target audience know more about your company and business in the practical way, by opening doors. Want to maximize your advertising efforts further with this solution? Know what to do!

What You Can Expect

  1. Utilizing A Leaflet Distribution in London Lets Avoid Error by Trial

Flyer distribution is a great means of an advertising campaign, especially the major ones. Why? As compared to other options, this method offers the opportunity for trial. This helps in knowing what should be avoided to prevent the risk of error.

How do you avoid errors with this method then? There are many ways to ensure this and that is by quantifying those responses received. This helps in identifying the customers who are returning and are new ones. You also get the chance to communicate with them. And, this allows you to have that opportunity to ask for a customer feedback directly. This is a great aid for your primary campaign.

You also need to ensure that you have a sample of your existing customers. A small sample would be enough for the sample drop. Your sample must be your existing customers for there is a guarantee that they won’t mind if you check them on the leaflet for a feedback.

  1. Makes Your Campaign Stand Out with Solus Leaflet Distribution in London

Of course, you are after creating a maximum impact. You can do that by means of signing up for the Solus delivery. You can make use of it regardless if you have already performed a sample drop or not yet. Solus deliver is all about distributing the material on its own to your customers’ doors. The logic of this practice is simple. You don’t simply insert the materials inside newspapers for they are delivered alone.

Hence, there will be more chances they will be noticed by the customer. Anyway, you don’t want your leaflets to be labeled as junk mails. Try it! A single leaflet is most likely to be read once picked up by the receiver.

  1. Reduces Competition

Experts are saying that a leaflet distribution campaign is more effective as compared to a trade advertisement. Why? It’s due to the reason that advertisement is not placed alongside your competitions. The rest of the formats only put a company directly with their competitors, which provides customers with alternatives. The thing is that why let them choose if you can give customers a direct option, yours, right?

Now, these are the things you can expect when you make use of London leaflet distribution services. Build your leaflet distribution campaign in a manner that guarantees great results. DP Distribution can certainly help you with it!

Using the Right Color as Part of Your Effective Direct Marketing Campaign

Color is believed as the most important element in the design of an effective direct marketing campaign. For brochures and flyers, color is definitely needed. Every individual associates colors with nature. Other colors are also considered to be more engaging and more energizing. Some colors are also less obtrusive and soothing in the eyes.

The use of color is helpful in drawing the attention of people on your marketing materials. They are even more enticed in looking and reading on your marketing campaigns. The ad campaign even becomes more effective.

In the design of your marketing material, the proper use of color holds to be true and important for the success of your marketing campaign. The color draws the attention of people in reading the text. You may also be familiar with the psychology of colors. Using the right color is truly important as part of the direct and effective marketing campaign.


Red is the most powerful color that gives emphasis to your marketing material. This signifies the power of energy and vitality. This is also great to use for contact information and headlines.


This color is often associated with harmony, good luck and fertility. This also gives emphasis on a masculine quality and is useful in targeting men as your targeted audience.


Known to be a vibrant and bold color, this inspires energy among people. Although using this in excess must be avoided, only a bit of it is fine for brochures or flyers. This is also great for your headline.


This is an even safer choice of color. The good thing about this color is that it has no downside. This is also the easiest color that can be added on your marketing material. People are choosing blue color because this is associated with the ocean and sky.

This also releases chemicals in the body, making one calmer and more relaxed. Blue color is even more useful for headlines. This is good when applied on a marketing material and when printed. This can be used in highlighting the key points in the materials or advertisement.

The right use of color must be known first as part of the strategic and direct marketing effort. The colors to use should help improve the marketing material. They should also help you in paying off bigger dividends. There must be high quality materials infused with saturated colors. There is a need to work with a dependable printing company for better and more optimum results.


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